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This plugin is used to eliminates blog comment spam, including trackback and pingback spam.


* Now with Enhanced Comment Blacklist option! Instead of just sending comments to moderation as with WordPress’s default Comment Blacklist functionality, with this turned on, anything that matchs a string in the blacklist will be completely blocked. Also adds a link in the comment notification emails that will let you blacklist a commenter’s IP with one click.
* See what’s been blocked! Version 2.0 adds “Blocked Comment Logging Mode”, a temporary diagnostic mode that logs blocked comments and contact form submissions for 7 days, then turns off automatically. If you want to see what’s been blocked, or verify that everything is working, turn this on and see what WP-SpamFree is protecting your blog from.
* Added option for smaller graphic counters to display spam stats, in addition to the existing normal-sized ones.
* Added Widget for displaying spam counter. Shows small counter #1. Now you can show stats without knowing any code.

Requires WordPress Version: 2.1 or higher

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