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This plugin extends media library and gives the ability to highlight some of latest photos on your blog. Selected images can be shown in sidebar or wherever needs to display them through the shortcode or inline PHP code.


* Sidebar widget and shortcode support
* Photo randomizer
* Highly customizable through CSS. Plugin provides example CSS which can be used for demo purposes and can be switched off in the plugin settings. This way you can define your own CSS for your thumbnail galleries without being stuck with the excessive styles which most plugins come with, slowing down your website.
* Plugin provides the ability to include Thickbox bundled with your WordPress installation but you also can switch it off and use any other external library. It supports: Thickbox, Fancybox, Lightbox, Shadowbox. If you would like to use any other media viewer you’re should install an appropriate plugin.
* Thumbnails are located in the default image folder and named according to the WordPress convention.
* No performance bottlenecks. Thumbnails are generated only once—when marked.
* AJAXified thumbnail image cache gets rebuilt in case you change thumbnail size in the settings. Re-generating 10 images per request occurs with a little delay, so your server won’t be overloaded and scripts won’t stop working with a timeout error.

PHP Code To Use this plugin:

$options = array(‘limit’ => 6, ‘echo’ => 1, ‘link’ => ‘thickbox’);

Requires WordPress Version: 2.8 or higher

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