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The navigation has moved and changed. Now it is located on the left side on the screen.Section Labels:

– Instead of all your content objects (posts, pages, links, etc.) being grouped under Write and Manage, they get their own top-level sections, making it easier to go directly to the screens you need.

– Clicking on a section label will take you to the first screen in that section

Expand/Collapse Sections:

– You can see which screens are in each section by clicking on the arrow that appears when you hover over the menu.

Minimize Menu Column:

– You can also minimize the menu column to increase your working space. In the menu column, the sections are grouped, with gray separator lines between them that have small arrows-in-circles on the end.

– Clicking on these arrows-in-circles will minimize the menu to a thin column of icons.

– Hovering over these icons when the menu is minimized will display pop-up menus, so even with the menu minimized, you can always stay in touch with these menus.

– Clicking on an icon when the menu is minimized will take you to the first screen in that section, just as the text labels would do if the menu were open.


In the upper right corner of your screen, there’s a new button/menu of shortcuts. You can click the button to start a new post, or you can hover over the arrow to reveal other screens accessible from this menu. Click to go to your Drafts, start a new page, upload media files, or manage your comments.

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