WordPress 2.9 user features

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WordPress 2.9 is about to release, and here are some key features from use end:

User Features

  • Trash status for posts, pages, comments and attachments (includes restore and permanent delete)
  • Add support for ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ to (Gallery Shortcode)
  • Allow user registration to be enabled by an XMLRPC client
  • Add support for sticky posts to the WXR exporter and importer
  • rel=canonical for singular pages
  • Scroll back to the same location after saving a file in the Plugin and Theme editors
  • Correct comments and remove unecessary echos from the default themes sidebar templete file
  • Enable the APP (Atom) attachment file download to work correctly
  • Support location of category templates based on category slug as well as id
  • Set “Allow my blog to appear in search engines” to checked in installation
  • Don’t offer to make a category its own parent
  • Remove Sphere from search list
  • Minify admin CSS
  • Show correct max upload filesize error message
  • Add rel attribute to next/previous post links
  • Make the default and classic themes comment textareas valid XHTML
  • Clean up .button and .button[disabled] CSS classes, add spinner and gray-out buttons after clicking Publish or Update post
  • Fix race condition with autosave when clicking Publish immediately after entering post title
  • Add Comments for Pages in the WordPress Default theme
  • Define $content_width for Kubrick
  • Better feedback on publishing of future posts and pages
  • Display comments in descending date order, consistently
  • Add means of automatically repairing tables
  • Fix Press This bookmarklet for Safari 4
  • Give plugins and themes simple control over the text displayed at the end of an autogenerated Excerpt
  • Don’t show “Change Permalinks” button when editing the page set as “Front page”
  • Image editing
  • Retire BunnyTags importer
  • Retire Jerome’s keywords importer
  • Explain that the permalink is temporary for autosave generated permalinks
  • Update SimplePie to 1.2
  • Press This fixes
  • Eliminate the redundant and confusing comment threading depth of 1

You can get or add more details at http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_2.9

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