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These are the features of this plugin:

* The plugin will add new sidebar of TinyMCE templates
* It will also add new widget “TinyMCE Templates” witch is just like text widget but without title being displayed.
* You can add any widget in the Tiny Templates sidebar, and you will be able to insert that widget output in editor.
* Widget titles will be hidden in editor, wrapped with or if you insert TinyMCE Template widget you won’t get title at all
* Once in editor, you will see “insert predefined template content” button.
* When you click on that button, you will get the pop-up where you can select, preview and insert all defined templates from Tiny Templates sidebar.
* Once inserted in editor, you can change the HTML code that was produced.
* This is the great way to easy define some changeable block HTML templates that you may use often on you site, but they still have to be changed a bit for each usage case.

Requires WordPress Version: 2.8.6 or higher

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