What is Domain Mapping?

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This is where your blog is here at wordpress.com but it looks like it is somewhere else – on another domain. This is a paid upgrade. It costs $10/year for the domain name. It costs $10/year for domain mapping. If you buy both at the same time the total cost is $15/year. You do not pay until the nameservers have been changed and verified as being correct.
Q: I don’t own a domain. Where can I get one?
A: Here of course! Simply login to your WordPress.com Dashboard, click on Settings > Domains and enter the domain you wish to purchase in the box. If the domain is available, it will allow you to purchase it and map it to your WordPress.com blog.
Q: I own domain.com, can I map that to my wordpress.com blog?
A: Yes! Here is what you need to do: Go to your domain registrar and change the nameservers to the following, being sure to remove any existing nameservers that may be there:


If your registrar needs the IP addresses:

Then you need to wait. DNS propagation could take up to 72 hours – though it is frequently less. Go to http://dnsstuff.com. In the top left is the WHOIS Lookup box – enter your domain name. If it says our nameservers, you can proceed here. If it does not you need to wait some more until it does. In your blog click Settings > Domains. Put your domain name in the box, click ‘Add domain to blog’.

Your domain should then appear as a choice below that button. Next to the domain name it will say “Put blog here“. Click that.

Q: I have mail for domain.com that I want to keep using. If I change my nameservers, will this stop working?

UPDATE: You can now use Google Apps for your email and have domain mapping + email
A: Yes, it will. If you have mail or other DNS records that you need to maintain for domain.com, you cannot currently add those here. This probably means domain mapping of domain.com is not an option for you unless you are willing to give up email on domain.com. You can still map a subdomain of domain.com and maintain this functionality, so read on! Outside DNS records may be available in the future, so stay tuned.

Q: How to I map my wordpress.com blog to a subdirectory of my current domain such as http://domain.com/blog ?
A: Sorry, but subdirectory mapping is not available. You could map to a subdomain as described below.

Q: I own domain.com, and want to map a subdomain of that to my WordPress.com blog. Is that possible?
A: Yes. You will need to add a DNS CNAME at your DNS provider before the domain mapping will work. You should not change your nameserver information if you just want to map a subdomain. The CNAME should look something like the following:

subdomain.domain.com. IN CNAME [your-blog].wordpress.com.

Once that DNS entry has been added login to your WordPress.com Dashboard, click on Settings > Domains and enter subdomain.domain.com into the box. If everything is setup correctly, it will allow you to map the subdomain to your blog. If things are not quite right the system will let you know and provide suggestions on what you need to do to remedy the problem.
: You cannot map only the “www” subdomain since we remove the www from all the URLs at wordpress.com.

Q: I purchased a domain through WordPress.com – can I setup email through it or change my mx records?
A: Sorry but this can not be done.


  • If your domain registrar needs action from us before they will change the DNS, get in touch with all details.
  • Since every registrar is different, we cannot advise on how to change your nameservers. Maybe check their FAQ.
  • Mapped blogs are still subject to our Terms of Service.
  • Purchasing the Domain Mapping upgrade does NOT give you the permission to use advertising, post any kind of prohibited code, or upload any themes or plugins.
  • You will NOT have FTP access to your blog. If you want this, you should head on over WordPress.org

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