What Is A Widget In WordPress?

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A widget is a self-contained piece of code that you can move into, out of and anywhere inside the sidebar area of your blog.
You can use widgets to personalize your blog and deliver information you want.Where are they?
Inside your blog, click Design -> Widgets (if a theme is widget enabled)Using them
Add any widget from the “Available Widgets” box in to your “Current Widgets”(Sidebar) area and move them around until you get the layout you want.

Opening them
– If a widget has settings, it will have and ‘Edit’ link on the right after it has been added to your “Current Widgets” area.

– Click ‘Edit’ to open the widget screen and adjust settings.

– Hit ‘Change’ to save the widget and to close the window.

– Then click ‘Save Changes’ under the Current Widgets area.

Removing them
Edit the widget and click on ‘Remove’ to take it out of your “Sidebar” area. Make sure to hit “Save Changes” to save your settings.

Standard widgets
These all do the same thing on every blog. You don’t have to use them and you can only have one each of them. You can’t change how they look and work.

  • Akismet: How much spam Akismet has removed for you
  • Archives: Posts in the past
  • Blog stats: Numbers!
  • Calendar: Shows dates in the past that you have blogged
  • Categories: All your blog posts in categories. (Remember – empty categories do not show up)
  • Links: Your blogroll links (Remember – links not in categories will not appear)
  • Pages: If you want them in a certain order, try this.
  • Meta: You don’t need to keep this. You can always sign in at http://wordpress.com or by adding /wp-login.php to your blog address
  • Recent Posts: Your last 10 posts
  • Recent Comments: The last 10 comments made on your blog
  • Search: To allow people to find what you said and when you said it
  • Top Posts: Your most visited writings

Widgets you can change
With these you have to put in some information of your own or from another service.

If you are with that service the widget will make perfect sense.

Getting pictures of your own inside your blog.

Online chat through your blog

Showing information from other sources (other blogs, the New York Times, Amazon, Netflix, any place with an RSS feed) in your sidebar

Your words and images as you want them to be seen.

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