What Is A Blogroll?

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A blogroll is a common blogging term which refers to a list of links to other blogs or sites that come recommended by a particular author. The list includes the URLs of all recommended blogs and sites and is normally included in the sidebar. The term is interchangeable with ‘Links’ in the contemporary WordPress environment. A typical blogroll may look something like this:How do I edit my blogroll?
You can add links to your blogroll from two areas of your dashboard

Write -> Link and

Manage -> Links.

You can edit or remove links from Manage -> Links.

Does my blogroll have to contain links to other blogs?
No. You can add any type of external link to your blogroll.

Categorizing your blogroll:
By default, your WordPress.com blog only has one link category – blogroll. But you can add several link categories to your blog in an effort to categorize your blogroll according to your needs or preferences.

How do I place my blogroll onto my blog?
You can add it directly to your sidebar.

1) Go to Design -> Widgets in your dashboard

2) Find the “Links” widget.

3) Click “Add” on the widget, and it will be placed under your “Current Widgets” column.

4) Click “Save Changes,” view your site.

Several themes do have the Links widget added by default. If you already have it on your blog, you can just add your links, and it will update automatically.

Can I place my blogroll into a post or page instead?
Unfortunately, if you want to do this, you must manually add the links yourself (not fun if you have a large amount of blogroll links).

I don’t like the order in which my blogroll links appear. Can I change it?
No. You can filter the way that you view it in your dashboard from Manage -> Links, but you cannot sort the way it is displayed on your blog. This is built into the theme, and as such, cannot be modified.

Every time that someone clicks on one of my blogroll links, it loads in the same window as my blog. Can I force the links to open in another window?
Yes. When adding a link to your blogroll, scroll down and you will notice an “Advanced Options” section. The first option that appears is “Target.” Change the option to “Blank” if you want the link to open in an entirely new browser window.

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