Ultimate 7 Optimization Tips for Your Blog

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Top 7 Optimization Tips for Your Blog

Building a blog does not serve much purpose if no one can find it. These tips can help you optimize your blog for search engines.

1. Manage your site with a content management system like WordPress that makes it easy for inexperienced users to upload content with the correct meta tags. Many hosting providers make it very easy for you to upload WordPress to a website.

2. Choose keywords that searchers use when looking for information about your topic. Don’t just choose categories you think apply; do some research in a keyword tool that will show you how many searches occur each month for the keywords you are considering.

3. Use your keywords in the titles of your posts and pages. Google and the other search engines assign a lot of weight to your titles, so be sure they see your keywords there.

4. Include keywords in your image “alt” descriptions. These are the text descriptions that will appear if your image is not available. Instead of simply tagging a telephone in your “Communication Tips” blog post as “telephone,” tag it as “communication tips telephone image.”

5. Place guest posts on high-visibility blogs to create valuable inbound links to your website. The more the search engines value the sites on which your posts appear, the better they will rank your site.

6. Make sure your website loads quickly. You can test your site in Google Website Optimizer to get tips about how you can improve your load time.

7. Put a sitemap on your website to make it easier for the web bots to crawl your site and find all your content.

With great content and these optimization tips, you will make it easy for web bots to comprehend your blog and recommend your posts to Internet searchers.

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