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This plugin allows WordPress administrators to view the current and peak memory usage of the wordpress blog. This is helpful when testing new plugins or optimizing the resource. Administrators have the ability to view detailed system information about their web server, MySQL, PHP, and WordPress software version.

A strategic dashboard widget will provide a snapshot which includes the following information:

* Current memory usage
* Current peak memory usage
* Logging for all-time highest memory usage
* Send e-mail notification if memory usage reaches threshold setting
* Customize permissions to show certain users the memory usage widget and display mechanisms
* PHP memory limit
* WordPress memory limit (defined in wp-settings.php)
* PHP version
* User Agent tag
* Server software

A detailed system information page allows you to keep a close watch on:

* Server, host, and client information
* PHP information
* MySQL uptime, version, and more
* Common and advanced WordPress settings
* Completes basic security check to help prevent attacks

Requires WordPress Version: 2.5 or higher

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