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This plugin is used to display blog admin’s terms and conditions when the user first time login. It will not display the terms of use at the sign up or for the admin when they logins into the admin area. The Admin menu is hidden until they accept terms if the option to require agreement on ‘All Admin pages’ is selected.

Existing users and those added in the admin will also need to agree to the Terms and Conditions on their next log in. After the terms are accepted, users are presented with a fully customizable welcome message to help them get started using WordPress.


* Fully customizable Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and welcome message.
* No changes need to be made to the Sign up process.
* Existing users can agree to terms.
* Users can view the terms at any time.
* The date the user agreed is displayed on the profile page with a link to the terms.
* Option to require user initials on agreement.
* Option to require terms agreement on comment form in WordPress version 2.9 and above.
* Option to clear all agreement dates when the terms are changed so users will need to reaccept terms.
* Option to show agreement date on profile.
* Shortcode [terms-of-use] for use in pages or posts for WordPress version 2.8 and above.
* Select a front-end page to protect. If user is not logged in, a cookie will be set when terms are accepted.

Requires WordPress Version: 2.0 or higher

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