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This plugin keeps track of comments on their posts by marking them as todo, replied, or ignored, in Comments Administration page in the admin dashboard. This plugin paints each comment block with a color that either indicates the status set by the blog author or provides a hint on what the status might be.


* Adds options to the Comments Admin page actions, for each comment, to mark it as Todo, Replied, or Ignore.
* Comment blocks are given a background colour based on their actual or guessed state (default = todo).
* Comments with a response from the post author are background coloured to indicate that.
* Comments by post authors are automatically coloured ignored (though not marked so).
* When new comments are added their parent (if any) is marked as responded if the response is by the post author.
* A bulk mark option/link in the plugin admin page lets you automatically flag existing comments as responded to by author — this has to be used with care of course, in case your blog has thousands of comments. Mine has hundreds and that went through pretty quick.

Requires WordPress Version: 2.9 or higher

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