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This plugin tackles with returning visitors that have already visited blog and it displays them the content that they are looking for.


* It allows full configuration of the message to display to your returning visitors
* It is only displaying anything to the users that are returning to your blog and only in case they have missed some of your published posts.
* The plug in doesn’t place any files on your visitors computer.
* The plug in only works if you use Google Analytics for tracking. However, if you don’t use Google Analytics no errors of any kind will show up to your visitors.
* It doesn’t display anything for the visitors that visit you from your RSS feed. (only works if you use Feedburner)
* It allows you to connect to Google Analytics and see how many people viewed the suggested articles by this plug in and how many of them clicked on them. So, you really get to know if this plug in brings any value to you or not.

Requires WordPress Version: 2.6 or higher

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