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Allows you to send beautiful and styled html and plain text mails based on dedicated themes and templates.

And you can even put some add-ons to scale MailPress to your needs :

  • Better management of css style for images in the mail (mailpressfilterimg)
  • Import emails in an easy way (mailpressbulkimport)
  • Synchronize your MailPress users and your WordPress users (mailpresssyncwordpressuser)
  • Organize your users with mailing lists (mailpressmailinglists)
  • NEW ! allow specific newsletters for Parent categories (mailpressnewsletter_categories)

These add-ons are in fact WordPress plugins interacting with MailPress.

The basic idea is to keep the core of MailPress as stable as possible and to use the WordPress API to propose some add ons, making MailPress completely scalable to your needs.

Supported languages : English, French (.pot provided)

Tested with Firefox3, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3.1 (Windows XP)

For mote details:


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