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  1. I love this theme’s ts simplicity but I would really like to be able to add
    some more information to the mniposts. I’d like to have the standard
    date, time, author, leave comment and read more links included with
    the posts. For the life of me I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried
    everything short of dousing my laptop in gasoline and lighting it
    ablaze! I’m as committed as I can be with this theme so I really
    don’t want to have to install a different one. This one is perfect
    for the blog I’m setting up.

    After hours and hours of playing around with it I was able to get the
    read more and leave comments links at the bottom of the posts but they
    all pointed to the same URL which, strangely enough, is the last test
    post I made.

    I was also wanting to posts beneath the miniposts that appear in the
    traditional blog style but I haven’t even begun to address that yet.

    Lastly, widgets are not working in the sidebar. when I add a widget
    it overtakes the sidebar theme and gets rid of everything else in the

    Anyway, if you have any suggestions or thoughts for me on how I can
    accomplish what I’m trying to do with this theme I”d appreciate it.

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