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This forum plugin is lightweight, solid, secure, quick to setup, easy to use, and best of all it now integrates seamlessly with or without the Mingle social networking plugin.

There are many forum plugins are available for wordpress but either super buggy, difficult to install, or so bloated with features and settings.


  • NEW! Integrates with the Mingle Plugin (by Blair Williams) NOTE: The Mingle plugin is NOT required for forum to work
  • Works with Mingle Avatars
  • Works with Mingle Profiles (with/without Pretty Profile URLs enabled in Mingle settings)
  • Activity in the forum shows up as activity in Mingle (Helps increase discussion in both your forums and your SN)
  • Deleted forum topics will also delete the corresponding Mingle board post
  • WordPress 3.0 ready!
  • Categories with sub-forums
  • User Groups
  • NEW! User Levels (EX: Newbie, Beginner, Advanced, Pro)
  • NEW! Private Messages (I would recommend turning this feature off and using my new Cartpauj PM Plugin instead as it is MUCH better!)
  • Moderators
  • NEW! Skins
  • Captcha
  • BB Code
  • Custom Forum Search (Some users are having issues with the search function)
  • Guest posts
  • NEW! Hot/Very Hot topics
  • NEW! Sticky (Pinned) Topics
  • NEW! Move, Edit, Remove and Close topics
  • Email notifications on replies to topics
  • Recent posts widget (or PHP shortcode for your theme)
  • Integrates nicely with most themes (Its tough to make it work for all themes so some skin modifications may be required for your site)
  • Allow/Dis-allow other users to view your profile from the Forum
  • NEW! Supports different languages

Requires WordPress Version: 2.8 or higher

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Shane G.

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