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This plugin offers a variety of methods to show links. You can use it to check the comments number of friends.This plugin can be inserted anywhere in the article or displayed in the widget.

  • To display Magic Links in the article, insert a short code [MAGIC-LINKS] (case sensitive).
  • There are two ways to display Magic Links in the widget, one is insert a short code [MAGIC-LINKS] (case sensitive), and the other is use “Magic Links” Widget.

You can modify the following settings in the Settings page:

  • Link categories
  • Statistical scope
  • Sort order
  • Filtering options
    • Whether display private links
    • Whether display links owned by who have no comment
    • Number of links to display
  • Output style
    • Output as tag cloud or unordered list
  • Font size
    • Use default size or adjusted by comments number
  • Font color
    • Use default color, adjusted by comments number or use random color
  • Link behavior
    • Whether force links to open in a new window
    • Whether nofollow
  • Update Recurrance

Requires WordPress Version: 2.3 or higher

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