How To Use Flickr Widget In WordPress Blog?

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How to use the flickr widget In WordPress?

1) Go to your flickr page.

2) Look at the bottom and you will see a small orange icon.

3) Copy the location of the feed or – if you are unsure – click the icon.

4) You will see a page full of text.

5) Copy the address in the browser bar.

6) That is the address you put in your flickr widget.

If your Flickr photo stream does not show up on your blog, ensure that your privacy settings are not preventing public access. To check this, logout of Flickr and try to access your photostream. If you can see the photos, it should be okay. If you get an error saying something such as “user does not have any photos available to you,” you will need to change your privacy settings.

Can I use the feeds of a particular Set?

Yes, you can. However, doing so will only result in the image titles being displayed within your widget. That is, no thumbnails will display (like when using the feed of your Photo stream). This makes the use of sets with the Flickr widget rather unattractive. You can find the feed URL to a particular set by viewing the respective set and following the steps as outlined above.

Can I use the feeds of a particular Tag?
Yes and this can even serve as an effective solution to the shortcomings of the set feeds (as mentioned above). You can apply a specific tag to each photo in a set, and then use the tag feed with the widget. While viewing a particular tag, scroll down and click the “Latest” link in the RSS area. The tag feed will appear in your address bar; copy and paste it into the Flickr widget.

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