How to use the widget

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Using the widget

1) Login to the or sign up.

2) Upload the files.

3) Copy the HTML code displayed there.

4) Add the widget in your blog.

5) Paste the HTML code in the widget.

6) Select the size of the widget.

7) Click on save changes.

8.) Now this file will be visible to the visitors. They can download the files or just view the files.

To change the color of this widget:
Look inside the code you were given for the widget for color=000000 (the six digits could vary)
If you go to Visibone or this Color Wheel find the colour you want and take the # away
Put those six digits there instead.


1) It is not possible to stop anyone from downloading unless you have a fully private blog.

2) You can find who has downloaded files from your blog.

3) You can not use this code at any other site or any other place.

4) You can not use this code in the post, it only works in a sidebar.

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