How to use MS word for wordpress blogging?

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Hello Friends,

When writing a post, what do your prefer for the text editor? A micosoft word? So I am sure you must not happy with this, because wordpress does not support word as a direct text editor. There for you are getting so many errors in the blog. So, isn’t there any option for this? Yes, there is. If you are using MS word 2007, you can use word as the blog editor using following steps:

1) Write the contents in wordpress.

2) Click on Viewà Weblayout.

3) Now go to Menuà Publishà Blog.

4) Now copy the contents.

5) Now go to your wordpress dashboard and start a new post.

6) Click on the tab ‘Paste from word’. A window will open.

7) Paste the blog contents here and Click on ‘Insert’.

Now, this blog will not contain any error.

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