How to sort the pages in wordpressblog?

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You can sort the pages in wordpress blog using following steps:

Login to your dashboard.
1) Click Manage > Pages
2) At the bottom, look for the box labeled Page Order. Click on the triangle/arrow to expand it if you haven’t already, and put the number 1 in the box. This tells WordPress to make this the first page in the list.
3) Save the page

Repeat the process for your other pages, but use higher numbers in the Page Order box: 2, 3, etc. This tells WordPress to make these the second and third items in the list.
Now visit Design -> Widgets. Add the Pages widget to your sidebar, if you haven’t already, and open it.
Click on the Sort By dropdown, and change it to Page Order. Then click the Change button on the widget box and finally, click the Save Changes button.

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