How To Reduce Spam Comments In WordPress Blog?

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Before any comment appears on the page it should be moderated by administrator of the wordpress blog. Henceforth one can reduce the spam comments on their wordpress blog in many ways. There are few setting are available to reduce or stop it. Each one is described as below:

1) Only Registered User can post comments:

In order to activate this setting for wordpress blog on need to follow below mentioned instructions:
– Login into wordpress administrator control panel.
– Click on settings.
– Click on General Settings.
– Tick the checkbox against ‘Users must be registered and logged in to comment’ in membership section.

2) An administrator must always approve the comment:
In order to display comment on wordpress blog administrator can set the option of comment approval.

3) Comment author must fill out name and e-mail:
In order to write a comment poster must have to provide author name and email address.

4) Comment author must have a previously approved comment:
If any one has posted the comments in wordpress blog then it’s previously comments must be approved by an administrator.

All these 2-4 options can be activated through below mentioned steps:

– Login into WordPress Administrator control panel.
– Click on Settings.
– Click on Discussion settings.
– Select all three check box from ‘Before a comment appears’


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