How to redirect wordpress blog name or blog URL?

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Are you leaving Would you like to redirect (as well as all of your permalinks) to your new domain name?There is not any upgrade facility available for redirect, but it can be done using a domain mapping trick.

  1. Go to your domain registrar and write down the nameservers used for your domain. You’ll need this info for step 4.
  2. Use our domain mapping upgrade to add the domain to your blog. Note: When you do this, anything you have setup at your domain will stop working (but only until step 4 is completed).
  3. Go to Settings->Domains in your Dashboard. If there is a “Put blog here” link in the same row as your domain name, click it to set your domain name as the default for all of the blog’s URLs.
  4. Go to your domain registrar again and change the nameservers back to what you wrote down in step 1.
  5. Make sure to renew the domain mapping upgrade every year for $10 or the redirect will stop working. The renewal option will be available from Settings->Domains in your Dashboard a couple of weeks before the upgrade expire.

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