How to place image on the sidebar of your wordpress blog?

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How to place image on the sidebar of your wordpress blog?

As you know you can, you can add images in the post. But can we add images in side bar also?
Well, the Answer is yes! You can do this by using text widget on your sidebar. And for that, you do not need to save the image to your local system and then upload it to the bolg. You just need that the image must be located somewhere on the www network and you need the URL of the image.

1) Login to your dashboard.
2) Go to Design Widget.
3) Add ‘Text’ widget.
4) In widget bar, where Text widget is shown, select ‘Edit’ button.
5) Now, you need the URL of the image that you want to add to the sidebar. Type this html code in the edit are of text widget:

6) Click on change and then save.
7) This image will appear in the sidebar of your blog. But make sure that the dimension of image is not so large that it does not suit the blog.

To avoid this problem, you can do the following:
1) Upload an image of proper size when you are writing a new post on your blog.
2) In the upload box, you will find the field link URL. Copy this URL.
3) Now use this URL to add the sidebar.

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