How to migrate from WordPress SU to WordPress MU?

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This is the complete process to migrate wordpress single user to wordpress multi user:

1. Download and Install WordPress MU.

2. Import WordPress Data:from WordPress SU

3. Create a New Blog.
– Create a new blog in MU and take special note of the ID that WordPress MU gives to new blog. The ID is in the left most column of the blogs list.

4. Migrate Data.

From PHPMyAdmin take a look at old blog’s database. we have to export the following tables to a .sql file:

* wp_comments
* wp_links
* wp_postmeta
* wp_posts
* wp_terms
* wp_term_relationships
* wp_term_taxonomy

Open up the .sql in any text editor and globally replace “wp_” with “wp_{ID}_” (where {ID} is your blog’s ID).

Now, in PHPMyAdmin at WordPress MU database we have already tables with names like “wp_1_posts”, etc, so prefix all the tables with blog ID in them with “old_”.

Now, we have to rename those 7 tables, upload .sql file into WordPress MU database.

5. Fix Author of Posts.

Create a user in WordPress MU and assign all the posts to the admin MU user, run the following command in MU database:

UPDATE wp_{ID}_posts SET post_author = 1

That’s it!

Note: we can import wp_options table to import blog settings at all. But it may create problems so it is better to leave that table and make require settings from wordpress MU admin panel.

That’s it!


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