How To Integrate Amazon aStore In WordPress Blog?

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Many bloggers now integrating aStore to sale their products in their blog. I have also done some experiment and add it on my test blog. It is working successfully. Hence, I have share this details here. These are the steps to integrate aStore in wordpress blog:

1. Sign up at amazon for affiliate aStore program.
2. Download the Amazon aStore WordPress page template.
3. Upload the page to your site (inside the active themes folder)
4. Configure your aStore and when you are given the choice of how to display your store, select ‘Inline Frame’.
5. Copy the code that Amazon provides.
6. Log-in to your WordPress website and go to ‘Design’ and then ‘Theme Editor’
7. Select the aStore page template (aStore_page.php)
8. Paste your aStore code over the top of the default code that’s there, which is for my store 🙂
9. Make sure you update the file so it saves properly.
10. Now go back to your control panel and click ‘Write’ and select ‘Page’.
11. Give your page a title such as Store or Shop or whatever.
12. Scroll down to the bottom where you can select a page template from the dropdown and select aStore Page.
13. Publish that page.

Now, when you visit that page your aStore will be display.


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