How to have email and blog on the same domain?

Posted by bloggers can now send and receive email from their mapped domains. With just a few clicks, you can configure your DNS records (MX records) to use Google Apps, a service that provides email to domain registrants. A free Google Apps account includes 2GB of space and the ability to set up multiple emailbox.

Note: If your host is providing you the mail server, you do not need to do all these things. 🙂

And there is no extra charge for this. Everyone who has purchased the upgrade can use this feature immediately. The steps to set this up are as follows:

1) Map a domain to your blog.

2) Sign up for Google Apps. Choose the plan that fits your email needs best.

3) Enter your domain name that you already own and have mapped to your blog in Step 2 of the Google registration process.

4) Now you need to verify the domain ownership. Choose the “Upload an HTML file” option. Infact you need not upload anything. Once you have chosen this option, you will see a verification code that starts with “google” and ends with a series of random characters. You will need to use this code in the next step, so copy it to the clipboard.

5) Go to the Settings -> Domains menu from your blog’s dashboard. If you have mapped a domain, you should see a link that says “Enable Google MX” in the far right column. Click this link.

6) Enter your verification code in the text box that appears and click “Save”

7) Go back to your Google Apps control panel click the link to complete the HTML verification process.

That’s it! You can now setup your email accounts as needed from within the Google Apps control panel. You can then send mail to your mapped domain name and receive it in your new Google mailbox.

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