How to get the activation key?

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How to get the activation key?

Let us take an example. I have a wordpress MU installed on my domain. This is my personal MU, where my fans, friends and a small group can share life together. One of my friend did a sign up from my wordpress, to get a new blog.

He got the message: Please wait for an activation mail. But he never received that mail. The activation mail is only for the authentication, but I know he was genuine. Even, I also did not have the activation URL!!

Then I searched in my files, database, etc. There I found a interesting thing.

When ever, some one sign ups on your wordpress MU blog, an activation ket is generated. To find this key, check this:

1)     Go to Your database.

2)     Check the table wp-signup and find the username of blog name.

3)     You will find the activation key of that blog. For example, you get the key as 170c6071166cc515.

Now, to activate the email address, type this URL in your browser:

The email address and the blog will be activated.

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