How to Digg a Post on wordpress?

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Please follow each step carefully.

1) Register at digg[dot]com. You MUST do this.

2) Write your post

3) Publish your post.

4) Copy the URL from the address bar.

5) Go to Digg and click to Submit a new story.

6) Enter the address to your post.

7) Complete the other details. When the submission is complete, click the 1 digg button and copy the URL.

8 ) Now come back to your post here. Edit the post and add the [digg= ] with the URL inside.

9) Publish the post.

Please note:

1) Do not write the post in Word.

2) Don’t put code tags around it. Just write it as you see it.

3) Don’t copy and pasted from the wordpress. Just write it as you see it.

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