How To Configure Google Video Search Widget In WordPress

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Once Google Video Search Widget is installed one need to configure it. For that one need to apply below mentioned points:

Widget Title:
This is the text which appears above the Widget, default is set to blank but one can set it to whatever text like.

Google API Key:
One should have this already set from the install. If not one will have a nice little box where the widget should be telling where to find an API key.

Video Search Tags:
Set these values to whatever 5 initial searches one would like. If one leave any value blank then the tag will be set at the default value.

Set Google Video Player size:
This parameter sets the size of the Player as it appears in sidebar.

The player is available in 3 sizes:
180px x 135px – small player
260px x 95px – medium player
340px x 256px – large player


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