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Hello All,In order to attract site viewers there are many different trivia.

1. Install Different plugins, tools into your blog. Add widgets.
2. Your blog should be easy to read and view.
3. Provide searching facility; use paging to organize your blogs.
4. Check spelling, Grammar and wording all should be correct.
5. Upload an avatar because when you comment on other sites pictures are more memorable then names, if you keep the same one for a while then you will become popular and reserve more traffic to your blog.
6. Provide support and feedback form with comments section to your blog visitors. Give satisfactory response to the support requester with all require information.
7. Give your blog attractive look with colors and font formatting.
8. Wait for 12-15 months to popular your blog because once it is popular you will get lots of hits to your blog.
9. Submit your blog into different search engines…like Google, Yahoo etc..,
10. Generate RSS Feeds for your blogs and submit it in RSS engines.


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