Difference Between WordPress SU and WordPress MU

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WordPress SUWordPress MU
– Supports one blog with multiple users.– Supports multiple blogs and multiple users. One User can write for multiple blogs.
– Just 5 minutes to install it.– Setup is more lengthy and a bit long.
– No Advance service required from hosting server.– Wildcard DNS support requires to use the sub-domain feature.
– Fast installation from Fantastico etc.., tools and many web hosting provider.– Need to do manually installation.
– Each user is assigned a role level (subscriber, contributor, author, editor, administrator).– We can assign standard WordPress roles, like site admin who can add/edit/delete all blogs and users.
– Receives updates first– MU users must wait for WordPress updates to be applied to WordPress MU.
– Administrators can edit themes, plugins, and code files from within WordPress.– The Theme Editor, Plugin Editor, and Manage Files sections are all disabled for security reasons.
– Plugins can be enabled/disabled by the blog administrator.– The site admin have an option to Plugin disabled altogether (the default setting), or allow blog administrators to enable/disable Plugin that have been uploaded.

Plugins can also be uploaded to a special “mu-plugins” folder, where they will be executed automatically on all blogs.

– If  multiple blogs running standard WordPress, you’d need to upload plugin updates to each one.– Plugins for all WordPress MU blogs are stored in one place. Update once and it takes effect on all the site’s blogs.
– If multiple blogs running standard WordPress, you’d need to login to each one separately to access the administration.– Switch between blog admin using a simple drop-down menu.
– Allows to use most HTML in your posts, but strips out PHP.– In addition to removing PHP, WordPress MU is more strict in regards to what post HTML it accepts. For example, it will strip out class/ID attributes, inline styles, <span> tags, etc.
– WordPress allows posting via email– WordPress MU have not this feature.
– WordPress lets you customize its list of update services.– WordPress MU does not specify update services.

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