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Moderating comment by admin is time taking procedure and tired task.In order to stiop moderating and Blog readers can decide which comment should be display.

With Comment Rating we can enable “user moderated content”. This plugin automatically embeds clickable images in comments using AJAX javascript. It allows visitors to rate comments in Like OR Dislike. The votes are displayed along with the comments in either two numbers, one combined, or both.

Once ratings are in place the comments can be display. Poorly rated comments can be hidden in a click-to-see link. Highly-rated comments can be highlighted. Hotly-debated comments can also be highlighted to draw attention and encourage more votes and comments.

All three kinds of comments are configurable. So styling can be done with background color, opacity,fonts, etc. on the comment as well as the entire comment box.

This plugin allows wordpress as a general CMS in a Web 2.0 fashion. User generated content can be rated and their display by other users.


* Auto-insert to comments AJAX based clickable images
* Configurable display of two vote numbers, a combined one or both
* Preventing voting fraud with one vote per IP address. This is less subject to manipulation than cookie based approaches. The author of a comment cannot rate his/her own comment.
* Styling of popular and mostly debated comments based on on the votes
* Poorly rated comments can be hidden in a click-to-see fashion.
* Styling of the vote numbers differently.
* Mouseover effect on images to entice voting
* Choice of images and image size
* Localization for multi-lingual support
* Functions are provide for theme customization.
* Allow vote types of: positive only, negative only votes or both.
* Store votes in wpcomments table commentkarma field. Stored votes can be: positive only, negative only or combined.
* Simple and light-weight (i.e. high performance). It’s also wp-cache and wp-super-cache friendly.

Requires WordPress Version: 2.3 or higher

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