An Introduction To Plugins in WordPress Blog?

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Hello All,

WordPress Plugins are tools to extend the functionality of WordPress. It will maximize the flexibility and minimize code. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each one can add it to their site on requirements.

WordPress Plugins that add to blogs in specific areas or allow customizing where they need to be appear. One can inject wordpress plugins between blog posts or within the post content itself. With the help of WordPress Plugins one can edit WordPress Theme, template files in order to display the require information.

There are two types of WordPress Plugins:

1) Drop in WordPress Plugins:
This Plugins one need to upload, activate and then synchronize with the WordPress Administration Panels. With this plugins one can not edit their wordpress theme, template files.

2) Mess with WordPress Plugins
One needs to install and synchronize this plugins with the Administration Panel. With this plugins one can edit WordPress Theme, template files and change the look of wordpress blog upto require and desire one.


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