An Introduction to PingBacks in WordPress Blog

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Hello All,

Pingbacks is designed to solve some of the problems that can be arising with trackbacks. The best way to think about Pingbacks is as remote comments:

* Owner A posts something on their blog.
* Visitor B posts on their own blog and linking to A’s post. This automatically sends a pingback to owner of A when both have pingback enabled blogs.
* A’s blog receives the pingback then automatically goes to B’s post to confirm that the pingback is originate there.

The pingback is displayed on Owner A’s blog as simply a link to B’s post. In this way, all control over posts rests exclusively with the individual authors. The automatic verification process introduces a level of authenticity and making it harder to fake a pingback.

Trackbacks are superior because readers of A’s blog can at least B has to say and then decide if they want to read more. Others feel that Pingbacks are superior because they create a verifiable connection between posts.


Shane G.

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