An Introduction To MyFTP Plugin In WordPress Blog

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MyFTP WordPress Plugin is used to manage files on server from within WordPress. MyFTP is a file management Plugin for WordPress that enables a blog administrator to browse folders and files on the server where their WordPress installed. The administrator can edit, delete or upload files within the WordPress administration panel. It is also possible to create new folders and upload complete directory structures.

How to use MyFTP:

1. From the WordPress admin pane, navigate to Options-> MyFTP

2. Take note of the current path

  • To upload a File click the Browse button, locate the file on your PC and click the Upload to Current Path button to upload the file.
  • To Make a New Folder within your current directory, simply enter a folder name in the text box and click the Create Folder button to create the folder.

3. To navigate the file structure one can use the Sub-Directories: navigation section. One has the option to delete folders from there.

4. One can edit files that are listed under Files within the Current Directory: One has the option to delete files there.

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