An Introduction To Google Analyticator

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Google Analyticator adds the necessary JS code to enable Google Analytics logging on any WordPress blog. This eliminates to edit template code to begin logging. Below mentioned are the details of features and Usage of it:

Features of Google Analyticator:

* Full support for the latest version of Google Analytics tracking code.
* Inserts tracking code on all pages WordPress manages.
* Automatically tracks outbound links.
* Provides support for download link tracking.
* Easy install and only need to know tracking UID.
* Expandable – one can insert additional tracking code upon requirement.
* Option to disable tracking of WordPress administrators.
* One can include tracking code in the footer to decrease load time.
* Complete control over options and disable any feature upon requirement.

Usage of Google Analyticator:

One can enable logging via below mentioned steps:
– Go to WordPress administration panel
– Options > Google Analytics.

From there enter your UID and enable logging. Information on how to obtain UID can be found on the options page. Once one has save settings the JS code should be appearing on all the WordPress pages.


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